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Since 2003, water shortages from Las Vegas to Atlanta and the Pacific Northwest to Dallas, have become the norm instead of the exception. Making a positive impact on the environment by saving and conserving water is very important. New strategies for reducing water use in and around buildings, and addressing both residential and commercial water uses has become an extremely hot topic. Questions arise daily about when and how you as a consumer can start to make a difference.

How can that positive impact be accomplished?

Atlas Plumbing is a Dallas based Green Plumber that believes by employing both current and new technology you can save and impact the environment. New ways to save more water by using technology we have available to us right now is just the tip of the iceberg. While this section of the website is very informative, it’s sole intent is provide to you the consumer, a comprehensive plan to use products and technologies available to you in saving both water and energy as a starting place in your home or business.

According to the U.S. Geological Surveys, the United States currently uses 400 billion gallons (1.5 trillion l) of water per day. Of this, Most of this is used for thermoelectric power generation (48%) and irrigation on farms (34%). However, it is important to note that water use in and around buildings, from both public water supplies and well water, accounts for almost 47 billion gallons (180 billion l) per day. Do you realize that is almost 12% of U.S. water use. That is a staggering figure, and you are a regular consumer of that 12%. I know, you’re thinking how can what you do make a difference, but how and will it really matter. The answer is a defining YES. Consumers implementing a basic “Green Plan ” can make a difference. Daily water use can be curtailed by introducing the most current standards with state of the art technology. You can’t understand how to save more till you understand what prompts the industry move forward and how that is determined. So let’s talk about that.

“End Use of Water” is often discussed in terms of how water is used in buildings and their surrounding landscapes. This is both in homes, business, and in commercial applications. In commercial buildings, the water use for different functions varies significantly depending on building type. Office buildings and hospitals, for example, could have a lot of high water use for mechanical systems, while hotels may use more water for laundry and kitchens function.

In 1999 a report from the American Water Works Association Research Foundation tells us that our nations residential indoor water use is dominated by toilets, clothes washers, showers, dishwashers, faucets, and (surprisingly) leaks. Residential water use from landscape irrigation is highly variable by climate and season.

How does this affect you as a consumer? And Why Should You Care About It?

The answer: Because you have plumbing fixtures of all kinds in your home and business. Think about that for a minute. In the average 2 bedroom 2 bath home, each has an average of 10 faucets, 2 toilets, a shower, a dishwasher, a bathtub and sprinklers. Right now count how many water use products you have in your home. Now ask yourself how can you save the environment by helping your home or business? Go Green With Atlas. Atlas Plumbing can show you how to implement environmental products and save you money by “Going Green”. More importantly, you will be extremely surprised how much you can save if you just make that first leap.

The Atlas Go Green Program is a way for you to begin right now. Atlas Plumbing has a go forward plan that will inspire you how to save. Implementing technology and strategy in the best way possible will pay off in the form of saved dollars, energy and water. And guess what, this will expand “Your Green Footprint”.

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